Counselling & Psychotherapy

There is no universally defining difference between counselling and psychotherapy so my general guide is: 

  • counselling is where we focus on a specific problem and consider the resources necessary to address the problem
  • psychotherapy is where we work to change your experience of life through developing your strengths and challenging old patterns that now undermine you.  

Counselling is usually shorter term work and psychotherapy usually longer.

Please note I offer sessions on a weekly basis.


When to Get Help

Everyone’s different but a rule of thumb would be if what you are troubled by:

  1. makes you feel too much
  2. has been going on too long
  3. gets in the way of everyday life

it could be a good time to talk.

And you decide when to end, but I don’t suggest you stay in therapy just for the sake of it.

Your First Session

The first session is a bit like mapping out a journey.  We’ll normally start by agreeing a direction we’re headed in:

  1. What would you like to get out of therapy?
  2. How will you know you’ve accomplished that?
  3. Sometimes What will you notice your partner(s) doing differently?

This will give (each of) you a chance to say what the problem is in your own words, and then how we can measure progress using your own perspective.  

Sometimes the answer is ‘I don’t know‘ so we use the first session (and maybe first few sessions) to help clarify what the issue is and how we might know things are getting better.

We will discuss options for the approach we will take and how many sessions you would like (I suggest a minimum of 6 sessions), or whether to work together until you feel ready to move on.  Please feel free to ask questions.

Payment for the first session is in cash and made at the end of the session.

My Approach

No one model of psychotherapy or counselling suits everyone.  Through my years of practice, I’ve come to believe that we look for, or respond to, four basic wants:

  1. Freedom (Goals)
  2. Stability (Rules)
  3. Control (Insight)
  4. Relationship (Meaning)

I tend to apply Solution Focussed, Cognitive Behavioural (CBT), Psychodynamic and/ Humanistic/Existential models accordingly.  In any event, every therapeutic relationship is unique and tailored to each client.

Paperwork Before We Start

Please download and complete:

  1. one Client Contact Form per person
  2. one Individual Agreement or one Couples Agreement or one Group Agreement
  3. one Privacy Notice